Back in April 2014, Protasco Berhad launched a brand new Vision, Mission and Core Values. The launch was not only about the embracement of the Group's new Vision, Mission and Core Values; it was developed for Protasco to move forward. Since the launching, it was followed by a series of workshops in the efforts to get all of the staff involved and be well-versed with the new Vision, Mission and Core Values. Upon completion of the workshops, a group of Champions were selected to share and encourage the practices of Protasco's Core Values among all staff. This programme is called the 'I AM PROTASCO - Values Inculcation Programme (VIP)'. In this feature article, we interviewed two VIP Champions, Mr Wai Kien Tat and Pn Bazliah Baharudin, to share with us their experiences on as Champions.

1. How did you feel when you were chosen as a champion?

Pn Bazliah: We were nervous but we took it as a challenge. It gave us an opportunity to explore our hidden talent as a trainer.

2. What was your expectation for this programme?

Mr Wai:Protasco is a big company and communications between its subsidiaries are lacking. So, I really hoped with this programme, we will become one big united family.

3. Before your session, what did you do for preparation?

Mr Wai: I formulated my strategy for the presentation based on the background of the audience; the condition where they were working and the fields that they involved in. These things were taken into account as they played a pivotal role for me to choose the type of approach and communication language to be used during the presentation. A day before the presentation, I met up with my co-partner for the presentation, Puan Bazliah to share and further discussed on our strategies. It is important to know each other's strong points and weaknesses, so that during the presentation we could back each other up.

4. Engaging the participants: Was it difficult and what did you do to overcome it?

Pn Bazliah: We do not encourage our participants to sit among their peers. We mixed them up; get them out of their comfort circles. The difficult part was to get our participants to understand the Core Values and the concept behind it. But we overcame that by sharing a story that was related to their working environment.Our observers during our session, Tn Hj Zamri (Ikram), Prof Roslan (IUKL) and Ms Aggie (HR) gave incredible feedbacks. It helped us get through the session with ease.

5. By the end of your session, do you think that you have managed to deliver the message to all of your participants?

Mr Wai: Personally, I think the best assessor for our session would be the participants and the observers. But I do hope that by the time our participants walked out of the room, they will be more familiar with our Vision, Mission and Core Values. This is of course in hope that they would practice it in their daily tasks at work.

Pn Bazliah: I was satisfied with the outcome of our session. Furthermore, I am really glad that I collaborated with Mr Wai. We have done our level best to make sure everything went well.

6. What are some key points that you would like share with the other Champions for them to be able to present better?

Pn Bazliah: The 'Ice-breaking' session is important because this is where you begin your session and also the only time for you to get to know the participants better. Set a strategy with your co-partner (if you have one), do some research on the subject of your presentation and find out who are your participants.

7. Overall, what do you think of this 'I AM PROTASCO VIP' programme?

Mr Wai: It came at the right time because we all need to constantly be reminded of the things that we want to be and can become. This new Vision, Mission and Core Values will help unite our big family and achieved greater height under Protasco.

*The VIP is still on-going as this article is published.

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I Am Protasco - Launching

Protasco Berhad launched a brand new set of Vision & Mission on the 9 April 2014. The event that was held at the Multi Purpose Hall in Unipark Suria was attended by almost 800 staff of the Protasco Group.

During the brief launching ceremony, the staff heard from YBhg Dato Sri Ir Chong Ket Pen, Executive Vice Chairman / Group Managing Director of Protasco Berhad, of his aspiration for the Protasco Group, which is spelled out in the Group's new Vision statement.

"To be an internationally acclaimed conglomerate ensuring growth and delivering value for a better quality of life"

The new vision encompasses what Protasco Berhad's believes in and wants to be. Protasco aims to be an entity that is international, multi skilled and able to add value to the community.

In his opening speech, YBhg Dato Sri Ir Chong Ket Pen, laid out the reasons behind the need for Protasco Berhad to embark on this guided journey. In his own words, he explained that while the Group had developed fairly well in the last decade since its establishment, Protasco Berhad as a Group can no longer rely on the various different visions of its subsidiary companies in order move further. The management has to ensure that the whole organisation will be able to continue moving forward, and that calls for the introduction of the new Vision & Mission Statement of the Protasco Group.

With its very diversified business activities, the Group must be able to hold together as a strong conglomerate to be a forceful competitor in all of its playing fields.

The Group had performed fairly well in the last decade but in order to continue being sustainable, must follow a shared Vision and Mission. The missions for the group address all the diversified stake holders of the Group from shareholders, to employees and its customers.

In this journey to engineer Protasco's success, the Vision & Mission is supported by a set of Core Values that would act as a guide for the staff of Protasco Berhad to understand the embrace the Vision and Mission Statement.

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To be an internationally acclaimed conglomerate ensuring growth and delivering value for a better quality of life


Shareholders - To be a multibillion dollar company in terms of market capitalisation

Customers - To exceed customers' expectations

Employess - To become the employer of choice for the right talents

Process - To practise good corporate governance and operational excellence

Technology - To improve efficiency and competitive advantage through innovative technologies

Society - To build and support sustainable communities



I-Am-Protasco 8 I-Am-Protasco 4


Core Values

Result Oriented

  • Stretch – Good to great
  • Innovate
  • Commitment


  • Accountable for outcomes
  • Passionate in task execution
  • Take pride – I AM PROTASCO

Customer Focused

  • WOW them
  • Create Value
  • Respect

Knowledge Driven

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Continual education
  • Career development


  • Do the right thing
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparent


  • Robust communication
  • Committed to team decisions
  • Active participation


iam4 iam5 I-Am-Protasco 90


Protasco Berhad's 5-year business plan was also unveiled and share with the staff. The business plan will be the main strategic framework for Protasco to achieve its first Mission, which when successfully achieved would enable the rest of the Protasco mission be fulfilled with ease.

Values Inculcation And Follow Up Programmes

The Management has since then taken an extra step in order to ensure that the staff understands the real need for the new statement of creed. The launch of the vision is followed by a series of workshops to inspire and energize employees towards Protasco's new vision. The program allows the participants to experience the identified Protasco Values, to emulate them and create a culture of high performance.

Four (4) sessions of 3 days, 2 nights intensive programme were held and received an overall positive response from the participants. Upon completion of this programme, a group of Champions will be identified and will be tasked to share and encourage the practices of the core values among staff of the whole Group. This is to ensure continuity of the core values practices.

I Am Protasco: Let's Rock It

One of the most effective methods to constantly remind staffs of the values that the organisation wishes to instill in the staff is to have an organisation call-out.

From the Protasco Core Values, we are able to pick out one of the strongest call-out that will identify with all the staff in the Group. One of the descriptor of the second Core Value (Ownership) calls for staff to 'Take Pride – I AM PROTASCO.' I AM PROTASCO have since been picked up by staff to become a common sign off on all their correspondences.

'Take Pride – I AM PROTASCO ' calls for all Protasco staff to be proud of the fact that they are indeed a member of Protasco Group. They should be proud torch bearers of the Protasco identity and therefore must ensure that the Protasco image to its stakeholders is always protected.

Incidentally, the core values of the group adds up to an acronym of 'ROCK IT', injecting a little bit of fun in the whole exercise when staff goes around calling out to each other I AM PROTASCO – Let's ROCK IT

Result Oriented
Customer Focused
Knowledge Driven