Press Release

We are delighted that Budget 2018 is focused on accelerating growth and enhancing the wellbeing of the rakyat as well as enhancing the property industry. From the various initiatives in Budget 2018, the property industry will most definitely benefit from an economic boost.


The government's initiatives which focuses on lower and middle income segments, address the cost of living and affordable housing issues and this is beneficial to Malaysia’s economic growth. By further increasing the units of affordable housing through PR1MA and PPA1M, this will contribute towards national development and help Malaysians achieve their dreams of owning their own homes.

Protasco completed the 1680 apartment units of the first phase of our PPA1M project in Putrajaya, earlier this year and has embarked on the second and third phase of PPA1M. We are proud to have contributed towards the national aspiration to help people own their own homes. Increasing the supply of affordable homes especially in the major urban areas will improve the current situation. Protasco is also planning to offer affordable homes priced between RM300,000 to RM350,000 as part of our mixed development in De Centrum City, Kajang. De Centrum City is an urban township in Kajang that comprises of a shopping centre, serviced apartment blocks, condominium units, small offices/home offices blocks and 54 shop lots.

Incentives for first-time home buyers such as PR1MA Skim Pembiayaan and MyDeposit programme will also assist them with their deposits and instalment when purchasing a home. These measures will encourage private developers like Protasco Berhad to grow the supply of affordable housing for Malaysians.


We are pleased to learn that RM517mil is allocated for flood mitigation programmes nationwide. This is crucial infrastructure that is needed to ensure public safety, and to prevent loss of lives, injuries and property damage. Through our subsidiary Kumpulan IKRAM Sdn Bhd, we have valuable experience with soil conditions and hydrology and offer expertise in geo-technical and geo-environmental engineering as part of our suite of engineering consultancy services.


The Government’s allocation of RM934 million for roads in rural areas, including RM500 mil from Sabah and Sarawak is a significant development boost, connecting communities all over the country. With another RM1.1 billion for projects such as bridges and road lights, and community facilities such as suraus and markets, these allocations will improve the quality of life for people in the rural areas.

Protasco has undertaken, completed and managed more than RM 8.5 billion worth of construction and project works in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kedah, Melaka and Sarawak, which has given us decades of experience in infrastructure construction, as well as the upgrading and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and buildings.

We wish to extend our appreciation to the Government for its wholesome approach in its comprehensive budget. We are pleased to see that there are many measures taken to help Malaysians by developing more infrastructures as well as boosting and easing the homeownership for the M40.