Protasco Berhad via its CSR initiatives aims to help ease the burden of the victims from the recent flood incident that swept the East Coast of Malaysia in December 2014. These activities will not only help the society but also appeared to be a good corporate practice in positioning the Group’s name.

Temerloh, Pahang was chosen as it was one of the heavily devastated areas affected due to the flood. We worked together with the local NGOs - Angkatan Bahaman and Persatuan Silaturrahim Anak-Anak Temerloh Bersatu Malaysia (PESAT) to identify the flood aid recipients.

2 March 2015

Representatives from Protasco Berhad made a trip to Temerloh to meet up with En Azwar from the local NGO to discuss and finalised the flood aid recipients. They also visited some of the families’ home. From the visit, we identified the items that are needed most are refrigerators and washing machines. We also identified Syarikat Perniagaan Amutha, a local electrical goods shop in Temerloh, to supply the items for the families.

19 March 2015

Our team made a second trip to Temerloh to further inspect the current homes and shelters of the identified recipients. Deposit payment was also made to Syarikat Perniagaan Amutha.

28 March 2014

Our team departed from Unipark Suria, Kajang at 7.30 am for Temerloh, Pahang. The team’s first stop was Syarikat Perniagaan Amutha to finalise the payments for the refrigerators and washing machines as well as to coordinate the logistics.

A total of 15 families have been identified to receive aid from Protasco Berhad.

We concluded the CSR programme at 4.00 pm.